Friday, May 27, 2011

Postcards From the Edge

I took a couple of days off from working on my cemetery pillars but have been enjoying BlogTV, a combination of video chats and instant messaging. While anyone can host a session, obviously I'm interested in communing with my fellow haunters.

Some of the people who've hosted recently that I've tuned in to, and you might be familiar with, include Halloween Hellmouth, FrightGuy, and Steve's Haunted Yard. These are freewheeling, fun discussions, usually about Halloween and haunt related topics, but with a decidedly adult bent. In reality, anything's free game but because we all share a common interest, the dominant topic is Halloween and our activities surrounding the holiday.

Last night, for example, FrightGuy from Grimlock Manor, discussed techniques he's used to age paper and pictures, including coffee, cinnamon, and cumin. While I've used coffee before, I never heard of the latter two so that's something I'll have to try.

Also Steve, who also posts daily vlogs on YouTube, recently hosted BlogTV and corpsed a blucky. He also held a contest where the first five people who texted him (you know, having a literature degree I still haven't gotten comfortable with "texted" being a word let alone a verb) received a unique postcard that he picked up from the Museum of the Weird in Austin, TX (he also vlogged his time at the Museum). I was one of the five (I think there were only five of us on at the time) and, true to his word, I got my postcard in the mail yesterday. You can't go wrong with Lon Chaney as "The Phantom of the Opera!"

Perhaps even more important was Steve's own artwork added to the reverse side of the card. I'm sure that it will be worth something in a few years so I'm hanging on to this!

Thanks, Steve! And for everyone reading, check out BlogTV. Look up the folks above searching under "People" and subscribe to them. That way you'll receive notification when they're planning on hosting a new chat session. It's great hanging out with names you've probably seen on the various forums and discussing in real-time Halloween and haunt related topics.

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  1. Sorry I missed the show last night! But I do love visting with haunters on BlogTV - very fun stuff looking forward to more shows.



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