Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Fear the Reaper

I was able to finish my Secret Reaper gift yesterday so it was boxed up and shipped off to my Halloween Forum "victim." Because I was waylaid by my illness last week I was unable to add some finishing details that I wanted to include, such as gothic windows and a detailed verdigris-charged door.

Still, on the whole I was pleased with how it turned out, though I would have liked a little more time to work on the painting of it. Yet as I was over the Saturday-deadline for shipping I had to let it go as is. I hope my victim likes it.

I was also pleased to discover a big black box on my front porch yesterday with a lot of eyes looking out at me. Obviously it was my own secret reaper gift, but because I was running out the door to ship my gift before the post office closed, I had to wait to till later in the day before I could open it.

I'll be posting pictures over on Halloween Forum, but it was a nice assortment of spider-themed gifts include a large posable spider, one which my wife had actually wanted to get last year, tow homemade spider sacks, a bag of "bloody" spider wedding, and a handmade jack-o-lantern. All in all a very nice assortment. Thanks very much AmFatallyYours for the thoughtful gifts. They will be a terrific addition to my decor this year.

I also checked with my local Walgreen again, and they finally had one 5-foot skeleton in stock. They were actually pretty good about checking the boxes they had literally just wheeled onto the floor to begin unpacking and I have to say these skeletons have some nice detail to them compared to your typically blucky. I can see some good corpsing potential with it. It's funny how people react to you when you're walking around with a skeleton in your hands.

Unfortunately today I'm traveling to Virginia for a two-day conference so I'll be unavailable to make the go rounds up here, but I'll check in with my rebel brothers and see if they've begun stocking them there yet.

Below are some of the final pictures of my completed mausoleum mailbox, though because I was hurrying I was unable to take more pictures of the construction and finishing process.

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  1. I love your mailbox, one lucky person will be very happy with that. I need to get in on the secret reaper next year.


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