Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blustery Days

Warm and sunny though the day is, the strong gusts of wind have me fearful for my Reaper. I finally completed him yesterday (got his lamp wired with a flicker bulb at last -- damn you procrastination!), but with today's gales I'm worried he'll blow over.

So far he just rocks to and fro (would probably make for a cool motorized movement to scare the ToTs), though everytime a neighbor's garbage can falls over I keep running to the window to check.

He also survived an overnight rainstorm. When I examined him this morning he had a bluish cast similar to the coloring when I first applied the sealant. However, after the sun came up and he dried off, his regular color returned. You can see him at right.


UPDATE: Disaster! The whirlwinds grabbed hold of everything in the yard and cast it about like it was made of styrofoam. Oh wait. Everything is made of styrofoam! But the Reaper was pushing up mums, my entrance columns were scattered, even the picket fence around the graveyard was uprooted and tossed around. My imprisoned skeleton escaped, the winged angel crawled out of its coffin, and the guillotine was positioned to cut grass instead of heads.

I decided to leave everything down till the windstorm passed to ensure that nothing would be broken. In the end, while everything was bowled over, nothing was broke or damaged so disaster was actually averted.


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