Friday, October 9, 2009

The Weekend Starts

This weekend is the time to try and complete as many of the projects that I have going as I can. Not only am I finishing up another groundbreaker zombie for the graveyard but I've got a bunch of things to do for the party on the 30th.

That's my test run set up (at least before the wind knocked everything downthe other day), but there's still more to add.

Here's my full plate:

1. Groundbreakers - finish painting and seal
2. PVC candle centerpiece
3. Paint ping pong ball eyeballs for jar
4. Create witch's specimen jars (get specimens!)
5. Haunted pictures
6. Creepy dolls
7. Shrunken heads for fence
8. Lighting for graveyard and house
9. Pallet toe-pincher coffin
10. Prop arm for coffin
11. Fan-powered flames
12. Paint address on entrance columns -- can't decide if I live at "13" Garden St. or "666" Garden St.
13. Anything else that pops into my headfrom reading too many damn Halloween blogs

Final details will be put on my last groundbreaker tomorrow and Sunday I hope to seal them so I can put them out. Hope someone doesn't walk off with them.

I wired the PVC candles today and tomorrow will begin apply the "wax" to their sides. With any luck I'll start painting them on Sunday.

Then I can start everything else on that list. I'm hoping that next year it will be a lot less pressure since I intend to work on these things throughout the year instead of beginning one month beforehand. Yeah, that's it!


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