Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marking His Spot

At first I thought the Bloodshed Brothers were trying to add a bit of realism to their new pro haunt, but then I realized it was probably just a haunter who was simply collecting samples to emulate for his own graveyard display.

Some of us visit graveyards and take pictures of tombstones that we'd like to go back and build out of rigid foam. Others, apparently even meth heads, prefer not having to rely upon a small photo to guide their hand in the process and want the real thing in front of them.

Police find stolen tombstones at California home

Deputies searching a suspected California meth house found some two dozen granite tombstones stolen from local cemeteries in the backyard, a San Bernardino County Sheriff's spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

The grave markers found at the home in the Inland Empire community of Loma Linda on Tuesday all had custom inscriptions and had apparently been ripped from the ground, spokeswoman Jodi Miller said.

I realized it probably wasn't Zach or Jeremy when it was revealed the house was located in Loma Linda, some 60 miles from Temecula.

More on the story here.


  1. LOL! That post made me laugh...thank for that. Glad the tombstones will get back to their rightful place....and glad I do not have to bail the boys out of jail :D


  2. Damn it! I paid those guys for those tombstones too...You just can't hire meth addicts to do your dirty work for you these days! Now I am going to have to make my own granite tombstones myself!


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