Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wizard's World

I guess there often comes a time when a pupil surpasses the teacher in depth of knowledge and talent. DaVinci studied under Verrochio and history barely even remembers the teacher's name. Mozart went on to excel far beyond his father's middling talents, even though he was a composer in his own right. And Potter developed more renown in wizardry than did Dumbledore ever did.

Wizardry is a tricky thing, though, and the use of a good wand is paramount. That's why I pleased to be able to highlight some wonderfully handcrafted wands from the workshop of Lignari Woodcraft.

Oh, and did I mention the proprietor is my daughter Vanessa?

I've always had some half-assed artistic talent that I've explored at times. It's part of the reason for my love of Halloween and haunting as it gives me an outlet for my creative side. And while I always knew Vanessa had an artistic streak all her own, the explosion of talent she's showing with these detailed, hand-made wands makes me realize that we've reached the point where pupil passes teacher, child exceeds parent.

Obviously I'm immensely proud she's taken this step on her own, though a bit wistful that I actually concede her skills outstrip my own.

Each wand is painstakingly carved, painted, and sealed by hand to ensure durability. Stock wands based upon (though not copied from) those found in the Harry Potter movies are only $24.95. Custom designs of your choosing are also available with a price to be determined based upon complexity and detail desired.

Feel free to drop Vanessa a note at Lignari Woodcraft via her Facebook page if you'd like to see more samples of her work or would like to inquire about obtaining a wand of your own. She will also soon produce other handcrafted items, such as NASCAR model that's in the works. A website are in the works as well.


  1. Wow, really cool! I can see why you are so proud, those are awesome.


  2. Freaking amazing! Tell Vanessa I said awesome job! She really is when is she making her first Halloween prop?!! Lol!


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