Friday, June 18, 2010

Like Drinking From a Fire Hose

Okay, I've been a little remiss in updating my blog lately. To be honest, while I've worked on some projects here and there I haven't been tasking myself too hard either. I completed all of my LED spots (well, I still have to make my "vampire" connectors for them); I completed one of my hanging corpses and started on the second; and I finished my Stolloween-inspired dragon.

Warm weather, beer, and the pool seem to hold a little more attraction for me than going into the basement to work on props. Of course, a few household projects get in the way too. It's a good thing I'll be hitting the NJ/PA Make & Take tomorrow to get some more inspiration. I should be finishing up my flying crank ghost and rockin' granny along with seeing what promises to be a pretty cool sculpting demo.

However, if I ever needed a spark of inspiration (and I did) then I couldn't ask for a better one than this video posted by Pumpkinrot. It's not a spark; it's a damn flamethrower!

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