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This page will be a weekly look at some of the best posts from across the Halloween blogosphere. This won't be an easy task as there are some great bloggers out there, and while my list of Halloween and horror blogs is growing, I'm sure I'm missing a few. So if you know of a blog I'm not following or have seen a post you think is worthy of being included, drop me a note here. Check back every Friday for the latest haunted musings from around the web.

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The Davis House
Jeff and Chris of the Davis Graveyard held a two-day Molding & Casting class last weekend (wish they lived on the East Coast) where students made a skull mold and then cast it in expanding foam. They also posted progress pictures of their new "video head" prop, a half-carved female statue, as well as photos of the new crypt lid.

Haunt at HelliZondo
Craig Schriber, who you know as Devil's Chariot on the haunt forums (check out his interview on my favorite podcast Hauntcast, Show 21), is into Week 10 of his haunt's build. They've got a huge build underway, constructing a monstrous haunted carousel featuring a variety of decrepit creatures, including gryphons, mermaids, and dragons. Looks like it's going to be awesome when completed!

The Shadow Farm
Dave the Dead posted pictures of his latest creations, and one is better than the other (you choose which one you like best; I've got my favorite already). The Tar Phoenix II is a haunting, horrible bird while the Bishop is a decrepit, fallen holy man who has crossed the line beyond faith and reason.

Spooky Blue
The ever humorous head spook at Spooky Blue recounts his latest prop score, a vintage embalming table acquired at a funeral home auction. There's also a wonderful tangent on the etymology of "marsh melons."

Dave Lowe Design
Dave Lowe, of his eponymous website, once again posts an informative how-to, this time for a rusted scimitar that he plans to include in his curiosities cabinet. Built of foamcore, a candy ball, and a  wood dowel, the exceptionally generous Dave gives us yet again an easily replicated prop for our own haunts.

ShellHawk's Nest
The Mistress of Mayhem, who hosts "The Charmed Pot" segment on Hauntcast has taken to expanding her clay pumpkin collection and her latest effort, Pumpkin Head, puts her skills on display. Her Etsy shop creations are growing too and she'll be throwing more of these figures for sale in her store. These would look good in any home, but I'd like some size reference for them to better know where I could possibly place them. I'll have to make that suggestion on her site.

Davis Graveyard SpiderFest 2010
The Davis's are nothing if not prolific bloggers as well as haunters. They truly seem to live Halloween 24/7. Chris Davis, aka The Frog Queen, had come up with a unique group prop project: spiders, and lots of them. Haunters around the country would design and build a creepy spider of their choice and send them to Chris to display in the Graveyard. Mr. Chicken, a prop builder extraordinaire himself, has sent in the first arachnid. Anyone following the Queen's exploits on her blog knows his creation will be sure to creep her out to no end.

It would be impossible to cover the top blog posts and not have at least one by the equally prolific Pumpkinrot. While haunters everywhere gain inspiration from his creations, a lot of the attraction to what he's built is derived from the artistic way his props are photographed. Scarecrows are never so haunting as when they appear on his blog. Yet what drew me to John's site this week was not so much a picture or a scarecrow (though both played a role), instead it was the fact of his 4,000th post! Begun back in 2003, the vastly talented and giving mache master Pumpkinrot has offered a steady diet of props, links, photos, and insights (search his blog for his posts on "Haunt Theory"), a process which he days he has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Good for us, and good for you John. Haunt on!

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