Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling LizardKing97051...

Be on the lookout for a haunter named LizardKing97051. He won a one-year subscription to Hauntcast but  I don't have any contact information for him to let him know the details. As the next podcast is due out in two days, I'd like to make sure he's got his subscription in order so that he can listen in.

Maybe it was the picture of that creepy chick cheering that I used on the post announcing he won that scared him away. But, if you see a LizardKing lurking about, please give him a nudge and have him drop me a note with his email address so I can get him hooked up.

And stay tuned for the next Hauntcast subscription giveaway coming in February! Hopefully the crowd won't be as thick as it was last time.

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