Monday, January 10, 2011

Got Stuff?

Halloween stuff, that is, and want to get rid of it? Or maybe you're looking to get more stuff. Then Halloween Overload is just what you're looking for.

I got an email today from the guys at Garage of Evil touting this new "Craigslist for Haunters" site and it looks intriguing. You can post Halloween-related items, from props to fog machines, lights to music CDs, and offer them for sale. Alternatively, if your garage, storage shed, crawl space, and basement isn't already filled to overflowing, you can scour the ads looking for items to buy. I registered right away.

The site's just starting out so it's still thin on inventory, but some of the props for sale look kinda cool (like this full size mummy, pricey though it is). More items are being added to it as I just checked in and there are already several more props for sale. This could be a cool way for haunters to recycle their props that they might otherwise throw away, and maybe make a few bucks in the process.

A Scream Out, Not a Hand Out
And speaking of stuff, I got my new Hauntcast t-shirt last week after signing up for the one-year subscription. As you know, our beloved g/host Chris Baker has converted the home-haunter's podcast to a pay-per-show model (c'mon, it's only $1 a show for 2 hours of awesomeness!), but I fear it may not last much longer if more haunters don't subscribe. Chris put out a video today that lays out pretty clearly the financial side of the business many of us who enjoy the show probably never think about. We listen, absorb, and love him for the quality offered, but never make the connection that 80 hours a month is a lot of time to put in for no remuneration. As he notes, he's clearly not making a profit off of the effort -- unless you consider $3.10 an hour a "profit."

It would be a real shame if Hauntcast disappeared because the show really is that great. I know a bunch of haunters have said they've stepped up and subscribed and I hope more haunters will agree we need Hauntcast on the air. Maybe if we had Sarah McLachlan singing "Angel" and a bunch of sad-eyed puppies looking forlornly at the screen, more people will be moved to contribute.

Unfortunately I have no obvious talents to offer Chris to help him further his show, and no bank account deep enough to be his patron. Still, the collective power of individual effort can help Hauntcast stay on the air. I'm counting on haunters to realize this is a show worth keeping. Stay scary, Chris. I'm looking forward to many more shows.


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