Sunday, April 10, 2011

Madog Update

I've continued working on my gravedigger prop, Madog of the Dead, and for my first attempt at this I'm pleased with how it's turning out. After covering the entire mache head with the paper clay and allowing it to dry, I wasn't particularly keen on the lumpiness of it. As I mentioned previously, creating a smoother mix to start with will help it out, but I've found that after applying the current clay, if I brush water over it and tap it with my fingers I can smooth out a lot of the lumps.

When the paper clay dries, it is very hard (and heavy!) and though it's possible to sand, it's not the easiest to do so, and I didn't want to create a dust storm with a Dremel. So I figured I could create a smoother texture by applying a layer of Monster Mud to it. The first layer did do just that, but a second one refined it some more. I'm still debating whether to apply a third one (all of them are relatively thin), but I'm thinking I'll sand it down lightly after the second layer dries and see how that looks (so much for not creating a lot of dust). I'm guessing it will be sufficient, though. I also figure it provides a layer of protection to the paper clay underneath, though it will eventually receive a waterproofing coat at the end.

Here are some progress update pictures.

Fully covered in paper clay

With one coat of Monster Mud

And after a second coat

I didn't worry so much about the neck since a lot of it will hidden in the folds of his clothes, and a "turkey neck" looks appropriate on an old geezer who's spent a lifetime digging graves. After he's sanded (hopefully) smooth, I'll work on the eyes and ears.


  1. I always had problems smoothing the details I made from paper clay on my mache projects. Never thought about using monster mud. What a clever idea. I might steal your idea and try it on my own projects. Keep the good work, Madog if looking good so far!

  2. PumpkinBrain,

    Thanks! The MM looks better in person than it does in the picture, which is probably a function of my having taken it with my cellphone. It's still drying, but I'm pretty certain the light sanding is going to work here. I look forward to seeing how it works on your own projects.


  3. Looking good GhoulishCop! It really is amazing how heavy the paper clay can become. Will you be constructing a PVC frame for his body or possibly a chicken wire form like terror syndicate?

  4. I'm planning on a combination of the three. There will be a wood mainframe with PVC appendages that will provide support for the chicken wire limbs. The entire body will then be Monster Mudded to finish.



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