Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ahhhh! Zombies!

Earlier this year I wrote that zombies are everywhere these days, no more so than now with the return of The Walking Dead. First episode of season 2 was pretty gripping stuff (but could they have crammed in any more commercials?!).

As Halloween approaches, though, expect to see more zombies rise from the grave. Social media game make Majesco Entertainment is bringing out Pet Zombies for the Nintendo 3DS. Heh! I like their tag line: Sit. Stay. Be dead."

Now at first I thought this was literally about pet zombies, you know, dogs, cats, your goldfish, but it's more along the lines of the movie "Fido" where everyone had their own zombies to do their bidding.

According to the press release:

"Reanimate your very own customizable zombies that you can play with, care for, or torment in a variety of environments where they can shamble, shuffle and lurch. Form a bond with your zombie by providing it with food, toys, and entertainment. Pet Zombies offers lots of gory effects and games to keep players fully entertained and challenged. Customize your zombie to look as grotesque and scary as you desire. It's your pet, your rules, however twisted they may be."

I like the fact that you can "customize" your zombie, everything from facial deformations and decay to clothing and un-lockable items. And apparently if you neglect your zombie, he'll be more than willing to eat off a finger or your braaains! No word yet if that will turn you into a zombie as well.


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