Saturday, October 15, 2011

Generating Activity

Yesterday was a fairly productive day, at least after getting punished for looking for more Walgreen skeletons.

I had a few errands to run, including picking up a free leaf blower. You know the kind, they're the big, bulky ones landscapers use that are on wheels and you push them around. Since someone was kind enough on Freecycle not to need one anymore, I could use just that sort of thing to clear out my lower 40, I went and picked it up. On the way back I thought if I stop in at the local Walgreen and check in to see if they got anymore skeletons in, what would be the harm?

I should have know that after a certain period, when you already have props galore you could still build or finish at home, you aren't permitted to bring even more into the house and such was the case here, because after leaving the store (they're all out, and for good I imagine this late in the season) I got caught at a railroad crossing with a miles long freight train. Sigh.

When I did (finally) get home I got a bunch of things accomplished, most Halloween related. I painted and waterproofed my obelisk and five tombstones, added PVC backing, fixed a groundbreaker that got slightly damaged, rehung a skeleton that fell, put up creepy wood slat over the foyer windows, and repaired my flying crank ghost whose strings had broken.

However, during the evening as I was testing lights, the motor just stopped turning. Now I'm not sure if it was because I was turning the power on an off several times in a row or the motor burnt out or what, but the small wiper motor isn't spinning anymore. The computer power supply is still running, but the spindle on the motor isn't. Any suggestions from anyone before I swap it out for a new one, I'm willing to entertain.

The most time-consuming project wasn't Halloween related, and that was putting together my backup generator. Bless those crafty Chinese with their dextrous little fingers putting bolt holes in places no large American hands could ever hope to reach! And heaven forbid you actually put a complete set of instructions in the box. Seriously! They provide a big bag of screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc. with zero instructions on what they're to be used for. I also had to guess how to put together the handle assembly by following the exploded view of the generator. The instructions told you how to attach the battery and the axle for the wheels. That's it! Nothing about all the extra bolts and washers.

But it runs now, so should the power go out, I'll be able to remain connected to the Internet and all things Halloween, I can run my sump pump and refrigerator, a few lights, and my wife will be able to watch TV (which is really all she's concerned about).

So today I have a few more items on my punch list and I think I'll be done with my set up for the year. Then it's on to planning for the party in two weeks (you're all invited!) and building props for the Alice in Wonderland Sweet 16 party I've mentioned in the past.


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