Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Progress Amid Power Outages

Now that the electricity's come back on after being out for more than three days following the savage windstorm that swept through the area last weekend, I'm able to begin anew on completing my various projects for the year.

The fella to the right is what I've been working on here and there as time permits. It will be part of the new addition to my haunt along the side of my house. There will be a series of corpses suspended from poles and crosses amid a variety of tombstones. LED spotlights that I've begun making from PVC will be used to illuminate them in various shades of green and blue.

The spots were begun at the NJ/PA/NY Make & Take group meeting last week (just as the storm was blowing into town). I learned all about LEDs, resistors, and soldering, and -- as usual -- have come up with a lot more plans to use them.

This particular corpse will be hung from a cross with its arms outstretched and its dead eye looking to the heavens. The problem I have with him is that he's got a pretty big wingspan, about five feet across. I built it prior to discovering the Jonty Joint that will give me a little more flexibility in posing corpses, let alone storing them (I have an idea for improving upon the joint, but will wait before posting further  details so I can see if it actually works). Other corpses will be posed with their arms bound over their heads.

So with the storm gone, the power restored, and the cleanup completed I can get back to working on my props. Of course, now we're saddled with gorgeous 70-degree weather and thoughts turn to outdoor activities so I'll have to make sure to set aside time for Halloween.


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  1. The skull looks awesome. I like the empty eye socket a nice touch. Can't wait to see this finished & the 'improved joint' idea. Nice to see someone taking my HOW TOO's & actually doing with them what i intended - Thinking of ways to improve & use them for 'other projects' other than just what i show. Cool.


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