Monday, November 15, 2010

Is That All?

I just found out this first season of The Walking Dead is an abbreviated one. Only six episodes instead of the usual(?) 13. WTF?!

I guess everyone had to see whether there would be any interest in a zombie apocalypse TV series, but the overwhelmingly positive reaction has convinced them to re-up it for a second season. Good thing, because I love, love, love this show. Okay, sometimes the dialogue can be a little corny, and some of the characters seem like caricatures (Merle Dixon, could he be anymore a allegory for the Mason Dixon line?). But I can't argue with the contents of what they're showing and the gore has all been appropriate. Yes, I do like my zombie gore.

Looking forward to episode 4 next week and here's to hoping we get a flashback on how Merle escaped his handcuffs!


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