Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cobwebs Have Cleared

From my brain anyway. It was a long slog through winter without any motivation to do any Halloween work, but going to the local Make & Take and meeting with my haunting peeps got me going again. I started in earnest again on Thursday, though, making a hand for a groundbreaker I had started last November. Then I began with the second layer of mache on the torso yesterday and today.

But I couldn't let the nice weather today pass by without going outside so I used the time to clean out my garage. A few woodworking projects I had done over the winter -- with the garage door closed -- covered everything in a fine layer of sawdust (it was only fine because I'm sure I inhaled all the rest...I really got to get me a dust collection system in there).

I found my shiatsu massager I had gotten at one of the M&T's last summer so I've got to look around for a project for that. But with a clean workbench again, plenty of space to move around in (other than the big, honkin' industrial size radial arm saw I picked up the other week), and I'm ready to be a prop-building fool again.

Now I just have to straighten out my basement workshop...again.


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