Friday, July 8, 2011

A Truly Carnevil Scene

We've all learned, of course, that Hurricane Katrina was a massive storm that was the costliest and also one of the 5 most deadliest natural disasters in the U.S. What couldn't have been known at the time was that plans made at the time by many individuals and businesses would be left unfulfilled.

One of those was Six Flags New Orleans that closed down in anticipation of Katrina's landfall. Here we are six years later, and the amusement park has been all but abandoned. Knowing that some of my favorite haunters are having a carnival-themed haunt this year, I hope they find these photos of the eerily silent park a source of inspiration.

More photos can be seen here and here.


  1. I'd love to sojourn through there! such lonely-feeling pics!

  2. The shot of the girl on the ground and the one of the giant head on the ground are the creepiest. I guess it's because they have eyes!

  3. I went there when it first opened up as Jazzland. It was pretty pathetic, and my friend and I couldn't figure out how they were going to keep the swamp from swallowing it up because that area flooded if you sweat too hard. I was amazed when Six Flags bought it up and tried to expand it, but I was absolutely not surprised when they decided it wasn't worth rebuilding. Still, it lends for some fabulously creepy pictures.

  4. I remember finding these pictures about a year ago on a yahoo news article... still haunting perusing them again now. There's something awesomely creepy about abandoned amusement parks. Makes me want to write a story about it.

  5. That would be as fun to visit as a creepy graveyard!


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