Monday, September 12, 2011

Simple Is As Simple Does

Unfortunately, simple tends not to be my strong smoot. Why do it simple when you can vastly complicate your life by making things more complex?

Such is the case with the mausoleum mailbox I'm making for my Secret Reaper victim. It could have been a simple box with a mail slot, but instead I chose to put the slot on the long side underneath a columned portico. That "simple" portico ended up costing me two days worth of time as I tried to figure out the correct angles to cut (and no, I never did find the answer).

Again, I could have left it at that, but then I chose to detail the structure with a stone facade and a sarcophagus within. Each of those details has taken time. While I'm liking the result very much (would it be rude not to send the mailbox at the end?) I know I'm going to be working right up until the shipping deadline this Saturday. I've started some of the finishing, but the large majority will actually be done tomorrow and even then I'm not sure it will be complete.

Because as I go along, I'm thinking of some extra details to add. I think a gothic-style window on either end would look real nice as would an ornate carved door entrance to the mausoleum. And naturally you'd need stone steps to reach the door.

As I said, why do things simply when complex is standing there staring you in the face?

The dreadful portico
The sarcophagus
The stonework
Dry-fitting the columns

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