Saturday, April 14, 2012

Zombie Obamacare

UPDATE: I was mistaken. This is NOT an ad from Herman Cain (though if you saw any of his you'll understand why I thought it was one). The ad was actually created by Dr. Sinister Obamacare and he deserves all the credit...or a one-way pass to the mental hospital! Regardless, I think it's awesome. See the comments section below for his response.
Regardless of your politics, you gotta enjoy the admittedly wacky ads former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is putting out these days. His latest is a really off the wall one showing an "Obamacare" zombie that ultimately turns Cain into one too. Can you imagine the fun there'd still be if he had stayed in the race...and ultimately won?!


  1. Ummmm....he didn't make that ad. I did. Go to or OccupyObamacare.ORG, and you'll see why :o)

    1. Awesome work, Dr. Obamacare. Obviously I was one of the lazy that didn't bother to read too deeply or follow the links. My apologies and I'll update the post to reflect your handiwork.

      See, now if Herman Cain was still running, you could have been his media mogul. You have to admit, his own ads were pretty off the wall. Loved the one with his campaign manager smoking a cigarette. That was...out there. It didn't seem all that much of a stretch for Cain to have produced this. :)

      Once again, great job.


  2. Thanks! It took me awhile to figure out how to reach a large number of people, and I believe the Dr. Obamacare campaign will do. Our politicians can NEVER get away with trying something like this an, if people really knew what's at stake, they wouldn't. I'm grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate to them all the power of the American people. Maybe they'll have more respect :o)


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