Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost Party Time!

The house is all decorated, the chafing dishes are out, and the food is ready for preparation. The soda's chillin' and the beer is ready to start flowing. 

This year I tried to work a little smarter than last time. First, I didn't schedule it the night before Halloween. I'll have a day to recuperate now. Then I purchased foods that didn't require a lot of preparation ahead of time. Chicken wings, meatballs, jalapeno poppers, and shrimp cocktail are easily popped in the over or kept on ice. There's a 6-foot hero on the way too. 

And, perhaps key to the whole event, I limited the number of kids attending. Sure they provide high energy, but they also contribute to circuit overload. This is a far less stressful affair. Look! Here I am posting, instead of being in the kitchen preparing the hors d'oeuvres !

Ah! Almost 12 noon. Time to crack open a beer (not that I need a reason to open one sooner). Party hardy, my friends. I will!


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