Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Now What?!

As I was in my yard today adding some details to my display -- I went to the local swamp (actually an overgrown, abandoned roadway) and pulled up some vines to wrap around my columns and fence -- a car pulled up in front of the house and the woman driving complimented me on the display.

I graciously accepted the compliments but she began to explain that she ran an entertainment company and they were putting on a haunted house in Hoboken. It was really a series of haunted tents, and what she does is drive around to try and steal ideas from home haunters. She said she really liked my display and wanted to know where I had gotten my various props. When I told her I built most of them, she was more than effusive in her praise.

Then she asked me if I could build her a groundbreaker! She would pay me for it! But it would need to be done before October 29 when the event was to take place. Oh, and how much would I charge?

I had no freakin' clue. I've only been doing this for a year and while I think my groundbreakers and corpses are fine for my little yard display, are they really "professional" haunt quality? I don't think so, but neither am I one to dismiss an opportunity either, particularly since I enjoy doing this stuff and I'm doing it every day anyway.

She said she was just starting out in the entertainment business and she had done this particular haunt last year and they liked it enough to ask her to come back. But she wanted to up the effort this time around to try and branch out and perhaps do it for more places. Of course I was thinking to myself, well, nothing like waiting till the last minute...but she said she would be willing to have me join her in her business. I'm guessing as Chief Prop Maker.

I figured I could make the props and even if she never came through I'd at least have another prop for my own display.

So, would anyone care to suggest what a groundbreaker would go for? Oh, and then after she left, she came back five minutes later asking if I could make a reaper too! Would it take long? Oh boy. Now what am I gonna do?


  1. Check out Pumpkinrot's Etsy store, there are a few others that sell groundbreakers there as well but are not anywhere near as good as his are.

  2. Congrats man! We always have a hard time pricing our props....good luck on that one :)


  3. OMG! She came back with her partner and wanted to "place an order" for 4 groundbreakers, 4 hanging corpses, 1 reaper, and "several" tombstones! She also explained that they have a commitment for several theme parties and a Memorial Day party and may want me to make decorations for them as well.

    Just. Say. No.....

    I told her that was a pretty tall order for two weeks, particularly if she wanted a quality product, but I would give it a go and try to complete as much as possible, though there were no guarantees.

    Somehow I don't think I should be charging anywhere near what Pumpkinrot does (maybe I can subcontract the work to him!). Well, for a first effort I think I'll be pretty much "giving" them away. We'll see what develops after that.

    Thanks, everyone. Weeee doggie!



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