Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bloody February Already?

Where did the time go? Last I knew I was preparing to make some Christmas props and was planning a full-bore Halloween extravaganza. Well, I made my Christmas sleigh, but that was about it as the weather turned chilly and making props in the unheated garage lost its charm.

As for all those skulls I was going to be churning out every other day...hahaha! After all the Christmas decorating that went on, I was propped out. But it was actually good to take a break from all the mayhem and to have some time off. Now that February is here, I can moderate the enthusiasm I was gripped with after Halloween and take a more determined pace to complete the tasks I've set for myself.

I caught up with the folks at Hauntcast again and that was enough to get me excited again, and then checking in on the various Halloween blogs where the people aren't so mercurial has got me thinking again about this year's haunt. I look forward to starting some tasks again, though one thing I did find out is that if you leave a prop one partially completed, expect it to start falling apart as it sits in the corner.

One of the corpses I began in November has been sitting on my workbench waiting patiently for me to complete it. I had attached the papier mache skull to the spine and attached ribs with duct tape and that was as far as I had gotten when the embers of enthusiasm subsided. Well, checking on my workbench today, I see that the ribs have sagged or dislocated and he's pretty much a blob of bones now. I'm guessing the temperatures in the shop must have fluctuated enough that the glue of the tape stopped working and fell off. But I was happy to remember that I had actually started on one of the corpses, so I'm looking forward to tackling him again.

I probably won't be posting as regularly as I'd like just yet, but as things start to heat up again and I work my way down to the shop once more, I'll be tickling the key board with some updates and perhaps some progress shots.



  1. Yup, before you know it, late summer will be here and everyone will be like "where did the year go!"

  2. I hate when that happens! Damn! The battle axe will be nudging me soon to build a papier mache Santa that I successfully put off last year.


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