Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Rockin' Good Time!

I attended my first Make-and-Take yesterday with the New Jersey-Pennsylvania group from Hauntforum. This is the definition of a good time. We're all a little weird with our love (obsession) for all things Halloween, but you'd never meet a friendlier, more giving, generous group of people. I'm excited about becoming a regular participant with this bunch. I already feel like I've got a whole new, big group of friends.

Rockin' Granny
Our project was the ScareFX Rockin' Granny wiper motor prop, a creepy looking self-contained motorized contraption that, for me, looked to be an excellent introduction to mechanical props.

You know you've got issues, though, when you're excited when your wiper motor from MonsterGuts comes.

While I initially had some trepidation about the whole thing, as the parts list was like something out of an Ikea catalog, I figure we'd all have a grand time failing together if it didn't work out. The photos left and below show what I eventually constructed. The cool thing is, it works!

Of course, building something never goes quite as planned, and there was more tweaking going on than you'd find at a meth lab (note all the washers on the control arm), but in the end -- and after both encouragement and (electrical wiring) help from the more advanced haunters there (thanks, Vlad and hpropman!) -- we got it going. Now it comes down to filling it out: attaching the PVC torso, clothing, and head. Oh, and a rocking chair!

Next month, March 13, we'll be meeting again at trishaane and Kenny's house in Neptune for an LED spotlight M&T. These two go all out to make you feel welcome in their home, and allowing 20-something Halloween fanatics loose in your house is akin to letting the patients overrun the asylum.

The food's hot, the alcohol flows, the work gets done, and the props get built. If you are nearby (it took me an hour to drive there), it's well worth the trip. I've got my order in for a variety of colors of LED bulbs, and I'll take Vlad and hpropman's word for it they'll give us all the instructions because my eyes glazed over as they talked about the ohms, resistance (and resistors), wiring, and amps.

If you're not in the New Jersey area, I'd suggest looking for one near where you live. You're going to have some skilled people show up that will share with you their know-how. I imagine the only thing they'll ask for in return is that you contribute your own level of generosity and friendship.


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  1. Looks like you guys had a cool time, and despite the beer no one lost a limb or glued their heads to the ground. Kick-ass project too!


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