Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Before Halloween?

Well, too lazy to post anything. There have been a few things I've wanted to post, but finding the time to sit down and actually write them up has been a losing battle this week (funny when you consider I spend a good eight hours or so a day -- virtually every day -- on the computer).

However, I have been keeping myself occupied building a Monster Mud wall crawler prop. The form's been made, the paper mache hands and head attached, and now I just need to cover him in Mud. I still want to build at least one or two ground breakers yet as well as another hanging corpse. I also have plans to build another Monster Mud creation, an evil fellow who will be sitting on a parapet overlooking the door where the ToTs will come, but that depends on my time management skills.

Home improvements (building a closet in an attic with a (obviously) sloping roof was a fun challenge, particularly considering the heat captured there), diverted a lot of my time, as well as moving my daughter into her college dorm.

However, I did manage to compile my latest list of great posts by my fellow Halloween bloggers which I've posted on the Fire & Brimstone page. Maybe a day late (okay, two days!), and the picture up there is one of the props being built. Looks like it's going to be a great haunt greeter!

Now that we're entering crunch time -- is there really just 62 days to go?! -- I'll need to focus my own efforts a lot more on what I want to accomplish. So much to do so little time. There's never really an end though when you want to improve and update your haunt on a regular basis.


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