Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hell Freezes Over

Despite my saying I would never, ever, ever vlog -- that is, post a video blog -- I went ahead and recorded one anyway, and posted it on my YouTube channel, which is GhoulishCop. That's the screen name I use on the haunt and Halloween forums.

Now Cecile B. DeMille has nothing to worry about with my freshman directorial debut (exactly how do you not constantly record your chin?) but it was fun. I tried to keep it under 10 minutes, because I think that's about the limit of anyone's attention span, so a lot ended up on the cutting room floor...which I'm sure you'll be thankful for.

Future episodes will be somewhat improved. I've already viewed my first vlog with a very critical eye, and though I posted it knowing there were a bunch of flaws, I figured if I didn't actually do it this time I'd probably never get around to it. So by forcing myself to post a video that I know has (many) areas for improvement, I'm actually pressuring myself into posting a second, better one so that the original isn't my entire legacy.

Having done this vlog, however, I have a lot more respect for those haunters who do this every day. I can assure you I won't torture you with daily updates of my exploits (pigs truly don't fly), if for no other reason than I'm just not that interesting. I'm sure my ramblings on this blog can make you think I'm something of a dullard at times (self-edit, self-edit!) so having to watch some stream of consciousness verbal diarrhea from me would undoubtedly be excruciating.

But what I would like my vlogs to cover would be my Halloween-related activities. I mean, that's the only reason someone might be remotely interested in watching them anyway so I'll limit them to covering that topic. The benefit to me is I think it might help me work on more projects. This blog helps me in some respect that way, keeping me interested in building things, and vlogging my progress might too. I know reading about your own haunt activities and viewing your videos gets me excited, so maybe in some small way I can do that for someone else.

Anyway, you've been forewarned: drivel ahead!


  1. Those are coming out great and you have a very proud chin! :D

    One other thing; you are by far one of the biggest contributors to my blog and to show my appreciation I nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger" award. Please check my site.

  2. I vote for blogs over vlogs, simply because I can't get away with looking at a vlog while at work. And because bloggers edit better. It was nice to get to see you and hear you, but I hope you don't abandon your blog, with its lush vocabulary. The pillars look great, by the way.

  3. Hook, my chin thanks you for the award...or curses you for afflicting me with this meme! ;>

    trickortreat, thanks for the kind words, and I don't think I'll give up blogging just yet. Being a writer I'm more comfortable with the written word than the visual, and as I noted in the vlog, I've got a face for radio. Still as an adjunct to the blog, vlogging could be fun. Horrors!

    Thanks for reading!


  4. Well, I'm late to the party, as always, but I loved the 1st Vlog Rich, I think you did such a MUCH better job than I would have done!!! I agree that blog posts are better than vlog, but I do hope you continue to have a mix of both - I'm such a visual person that watching new techniques will be very useful to me! Great job!

  5. It was actually good...I liked it!!


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