Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yet Another Haunting Confab

After the fun trip to the Chiller Theater expo last week with Grimlock Manor's FrightGuy, he was able to convince me to go to the National Haunter's Convention in King of Prussia, PA this Saturday. Since another of my favorite local haunters is going too -- JoiseyGal -- I figured, how could I not go?! So from not going to any conventions, I seem to have filled up my date book with a whole bunch of them. I expect I'll get one or two more ideas for my haunt going to NHC than I did at Chiller, and the roster of haunting luminaries who've said they're going to be in attendance is pretty impressive.

As much as I love building props and decorating for Halloween, I find haunters to be some of the most interesting people and could chat with them about their experiences for hours. Looking forward to seeing the sights and meeting the minds of what looks to be a pretty cool haunting convention.


  1. Glad you came out! Had fun walking around and it was great to meet everyone there. I hope you got some good ideas for your haunt?

  2. I'm glad I did too! Definitely a good time and a chance to see a bunch of fellow haunters, along with all the vendors. Yeah, I managed to pick up more than an idea or too. Now I gotta get busy!


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