Monday, June 20, 2011

Cobwebs and Crypts

Having finished half of my twin cemetery pillars, I decided to free up some space in my garage and stow the one finished prop beneath the porch where I keep all my other props. However, since my porch is enclosed in privacy lattice, I really don't take notice of them throughout the year.

Thus it was fun opening up the entrance and peering in to the dusty area and seeing my reaper, roof climber, Acolyte, gargoyle and assorted other props sitting, waiting patiently for Halloween to come around again. The cemetery pillar joined the other props and the lattice was secured back in place.for another 132 days...well, 101 days really, when I begin setting up again beginning October 1.


  1. Ugh, 101 days sounds like SOOO LOOOONG. I wish it were October One today!!!

  2. that picture has an aire of creepiness in itself!


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