Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Damn'd Thing, Tis Done

Like many other haunters this month, I've been spending a lot of my spare time setting up my yard display. What's held me up though are the cemetery entrance pillars I began early this summer. Ennui and life intruded more often than not, so having completed one pillar I left the second one until the last minute.

I finally finished it last week, as I detailed on my vlog, and also antiqued two lanterns that I mounted on each of them. So while that part was completed, it still necessitated wiring them all together. In all that was probably the simplest process, but I'm never satisfied with simple (as I may have mentioned before).

In the process of wiring the pillars, I thought they'd make a perfect spot to mount, well, spotlights to light up my cemetery. Last year things were rather dark using just the mini LED spots I made and I wanted to wash it in more light this year. I picked up a two-light socket at Walmart and mounted it to the back of one of the columns and it does bathe two-thirds of my cemetery in an eerie green light (I'll need to mount another one at the other end of my yard for full coverage).

So I wired that in as well, but while doing that I thought it might look cool to have red spot lights inside the pillars shining upwards. There's a large tree in front of my walkway that arches over the sidewalk (and  pillars) and I thought lighting the canopy in red light my look good too. Once again it was off to the store though this time I got a simple socket that I mounted to a piece of wood that spanned the interior of the pillar, wired that up, and finally plugged it all in.

Perhaps not perfect, but I think it provides a lot of color and effect to the scene so I'm pretty happy with it. But most importantly, it's completed, which means I can moved on to other things.


  1. You are way to hard on yourself. I can only hope that one day I am capable of making something half as nice. Well done!

  2. Things are looking great. I love the lights and plan on using my old AC par 38's to light my trees as well.

  3. That looks great! The red light is a great idea!

  4. looks beautiful--absolutely authentic in appearance and the red light is perfect!

  5. Well worth your efforts-this looks great!

  6. Hey, thanks all for the kind comments! I enjoy turning them on at night. Might have to build me some real columns for my entrance way after this.

    So much to do, so little time. Where did the year go?



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