Sunday, February 5, 2012

A True Mache Master

I've seen a lot of papier mache art over the past few years of haunting, some great, some less so. But I've never seen the medium taken to the heights as it has been by Japanese artist Ryo Arai. The realism, texture, and level of detail make it seem incredible to believe this is art actually made out of paper.

I'd link to an artist's page or something, but anything I could find was written in Japanese and I couldn't tell if it was actually the artist's site or note (Google Translate didn't help at all).

For the Frog Queen
I found these images by doing a Google search, however, and it seems there was an exhibit at the ICN Gallery in London last year featuring Arai's work where, according to the exhibit's description, the works have been used "as book cover designs for a popular writer Kyogoku Natsuhiko's "Bakemonotsuzura" (Monster bag)."

It's worth the hunt to find more of these amazing sculptures.


  1. Oh my that one is like a nightmare for me :O

    Thanks for sharing....and thinking of me.


    1. FQ,

      Notice the big frog photo I found yet I highlight the spider. Only because I love you. You may really need to change your title to the Spider Queen.



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