Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coffin Corner

That old football term could apply to my workshop and storage area these days as I seem to be collecting (building) an ever greater number of coffins. The one pictured here is my latest effort. Built from old shelving I removed when I remodeled a storage room recently, I'm thinking of using it to house a motor I salvaged from an old box fan.

I had posted on HauntForum for ideas of what to do with the motor, which still worked, but suffered from having a fan that was dropped too many times so the fins broke off. Allen Hopps from Stilt Beast Studios suggested using it in a box or coffin and attach a chain to it. When the motor's turned on it makes a terrific racket.

I'm also thinking of either attaching to the bottom or simply having it rest on a narrow board like a 2x2 so that when the motor turns on it will rock from side to side. The board running the length of the coffin should keep it off balance to help achieve that rocking motion. A heavy chain wrapped around the outside will add to the noise.

Of course the coffin still needs a staining to distress the newer boards that were added to attach the lengths of shelving. Had I thought ahead, I had an old pallet I was saving that I could have used for the cross braces. I still could swap them out but after an afternoon spent building this -- damn! building a coffin is tough work -- I'm just leaving it as it is right now.


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