Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing

We finally got word from Secaucus High School that they're not going to partner with us for their haunted house this year. Seems, as Jay from Grimlock Manor put it, they were overwhelmed by the "enormity of it all." Sometimes going from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds is too scary for some people.

While the Dream Scream Team of Jay, Dave from Pandemic Cemetery, Johnny, and myself are exceptionally disappointed at the lost opportunity, we're actually rather hopeful since the possibility of doing this haunt threw us all together and we're kicking around some ideas about what we can do together in the future. It may be a pro haunt, but it's likely to go in another direction first so it's still some exciting stuff.

With different skill sets and areas of interest we actually complement each other quite well. As individuals with a passion for haunting and Halloween, there's a very real chance something will come out of these fiery ashes. If nothing else, we'll still all be putting together our own separate haunts.

Below is the teaser trailer we had put together for the school that we had hoped to use to build anticipation for the haunt, while the artwork above was just part of the marketing materials we were putting together. 


  1. I am crushed that they bailed on you. I was looking forward to this collaborative masterpiece. I hate people that put off things for no good reason..... tomorrow may never come if we keep waiting. At any rate, I am still looking forward to what you and your newly found team can come up with. It must be a real treat to work one on one with other Halloween nuts.... you are lucky ;)

    1. Yeah, it's a bummer. We had some pretty awesome plans, even as a beginning, first-year haunt. It is great to be around like-minded individuals, where you feed off each other's enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to see what we come up with too! :)


  2. So sorry to hear that....

    Keep looking to the future! Looking forward to this years creations.



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