Thursday, January 7, 2016

Creating a Faux Wood Grain Effect

There are many ways to get a faux wood look from rigid foam insulation, and I apparently suck at them all. However, I try out three different methods and think I've come up with one I like best that will work for "carving" my crucifix prop.


  1. Good video!

    I have one of those wood grain tools, but I haven't used it yet. I did try the heat gun method for my sign:

    1. Oops, re-reading the my web page, I realized I used a hot wire tool instead of the exacto knife. But I did use a heat gun to harden the foam a bit.

  2. Very cool sign! I guess those hot wire tools really are worth it. I've never mastered the art of Dremel carving though. The foam seems to melt into an impenetrable mass around the bit rendering it useless. I need to practice that technique more.


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