Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Plastic Skeleton Corpsing -- with Plastic

It's become a tried and true method of getting a quick corpsed look on a Walgreens skeleton: wrap the bones in plastic shopping bags or sheeting and melt with a heat gun. The results are a convincing rotting corpse once its stained or painted.

Although Allen Hopps probably popularized the technique the most with one of his old YouTube Wednesday shows, I recall someone several years before on HauntForum or Halloween Forum using plastic shopping bags. I had never tried it using that method, though I did use Allen's method once. But for the half-skeleton I'm using to hang on the crucifix in the church, I wanted a quick and dirty  method of corpsing, and that's what I turned to to complete it: plastic skeleton corpsing using plastic shopping bags.


  1. We have been doing the old cobweb and latex thing for so long....if I ever put corpses back in the yard. I will give this a try.

    1. Whoops! I missed this comment. You can't certainly can't beat the speed with which it accomplishes the task, and definitely clear plastic gives you more options in finishing it, whether you want to use stain like Allen Hopps did or paint. The plastic bags like I used necessitate paint to cover up the printing on the bags.


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