Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Though I was aware they existed before today, it was only this afternoon that I began listening to the Hauntcast podcasts. What great fun!

Ok, I'll admit I listened one time before, but not for more than just a few seconds as I was initially turned off by the goofy opening. But today I had time on my hands where I wasn't able to do anything but listen to something, so I decided to tune in. I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner. The shows are really professional and they give a lot of information that's useable for home haunters like me. It inspires you to do more.

I listened to shows 10 and 11 and had a great time. These aren't just short blurbs either. These are rich, detailed broadcasts featuring interviews with industry "gooroos," tips, hints, links, and as I said inspiration.

Well worth the time invested in them and I'll be listening to all the other shows they've archived while eagerly awaiting the next installment to be posted.



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