Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Party Planning

Crunch time for party planning. Decor. Menu. Games? Time to go room by room and plan out what's going to go where. The Witches Apothecary is coming along with just a few more jars needed to complete it for this year. That will be fun to add to over time as glass jars become available. For those shown there to the right, the labels have been further aged and twined added to the necks of the jars to give it an older feel.

Much of the menu has been chosen already, and it's going to just be finger foods (heh!), but I want to finalize the menu, jot down the ingedients, and be ready to shop.

Decor is going to be a little more. Not only do I want traditional Halloween decor in all the rooms, but certain special items need to be considered too, such as a place for when the guests come in to have their picture taken. Will be fun to get everyone in costume since they are required.

Time to get to it!



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