Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lights! Zombies! Action!

Lights! Zombies! Action!

It was great to get my two groundbreaking zombies out into the graveyard at last. I feel like I finally accomplished something. But it was also something of a letdown because, while they are completed and do look terrific (if I do say so myself), they're small and so don't take up a lot of space. After so much time and toil, you want it to be an event!

So that's why I plan to continue building throughout the off-season. I'm already planning for next year and have created an ideas book so I can jot down projects I want to tackle throughout the year. When Halloween 2010 rolls around, I'll have that event feeling I'm looking for.

That shouldn't minimize the accomplishments thus far, particularly for someone that just got into haunting. I made my "monster mud"reaper, made two zombies, and created a bunch of small, interior projects for the Halloween party we'll be throwing on the 30th. Still...



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