Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gone So Soon

My patron picked up her reaper and two hanging corpses this morning, and I was actually sort of sad to see them go. I had become attached to them in so short of time, but I think they'll be going to a good home.

It was definitely the quickest I've made a prop, with the reaper taking just three days (and a little on the fourth to waterproof) to complete, while the two hanging zombies took less than a week. I don't think I can say I made a profit though. While materials were generally negligible for all three props, the time put in was a lot. I'd work several hours a day, every day, trying to make sure they were complete in time. Even with the reduced number of props (thank goodness!) I was still wondering whether I'd make the deadline. I came in well ahead of schedule, having finished them on Sunday night and waterproofed all three on Monday.

Now they're gone. It's so hard to watch your children grow up and move on so fast. Sniff.


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