Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Optimal Scare

Normally I use my "Optimum Triple Play" rewards card to go to the movies for free on Tuesdays. When you have Internet, telephone, and cable service through Cablevision, you can get discounts on various products and services, and on Tuesdays they give you two free tickets at any Clearview Cinema (you can get $1 off a ticket any other night of the week).

Today, Cablevision notified me of some "Spooktacular Halloween Savings" on nine different haunted attractions in my area (and one fruit store, go figure), including The Bates Motel and Blood Manor in New York. Aside from the overdone "Spooktacular" verbiage and the fact they should've come up with 13 attractions instead of nine, it looks like a pretty decent benefit.

Some offers are better than others in that I probably wouldn't use s a VIP pass (or is that an RIP pass?) anyway -- these attractions charge way too much to avoid standing in line -- but Six Flags Great Adventure offers 60% off regular ticket prices for their Fright Fest. Then again, that's like buying a can of Coke during the summer that has discount ticket prices printed on them, and with so many promotions out there, I'm not sure anyone pays full price ever.

Still, I might have to check out some of the offers anyway.


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