Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Begins

It's an inauspicious start -- certainly no Davis Graveyard -- but my little (dark) corner of Halloween has begun. I began setting up yesterday, planting a pair of corpses on stakes in the garden and erecting a few tombstones. Today, it was putting up the cemetery fence and a few more tombstones.

This is the first year I hollowed out a groove in the back of my tombstones and glued in a PVC pipe. After sliding it over two pieces of rebar hammered into the ground, that sucker wasn't going anywhere! Why I didn't do this last year I don't know. I ended up spending a good hour doing the same to all of my tombstones and now I just need to get some more rebar.

I liked it so much that I did it to my cemetery fence. This was actually a stockade fence I cut down last year and fashioned into a shorter, more broken down version, but I had attached wooden stakes to it which I pounded into the ground. Since the stakes were 2x2's, they made some nice aeration holes in my yard. After the PVC-rebar success I enjoyed with the tombstones, I removed the stakes, installed PVC, painted it over, and placed it on rebar. Again, a far more sturdy result than what I had last year.

Still, there's lots more to do before it's all set up.


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