Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead Letter File

Here's what I've been working on to while away the hours in the dead of winter: a crypt mailbox.

It's based on a mailbox one of my fellow haunters at the NJ/PA Make & Take group made last year. Tinman's mailbox is awesome in its craftsmanship, as well as the overall effect of it being carried on the shoulder of a ghost. You can see the many stages involved in building his mailbox over at his Photobucket site.

After suppressing my initial desire to grab it and run off with it, I knew that I wanted to build one too. But I didn't want to just rip off his design completely, and began casting about for ideas on how to change it up. When I saw the Davis Graveyard's new crypt prop last year, however, I knew the direction I wanted to head in.

It took a good week to build, much longer than the baby block toy chest I posted previously. For both projects the main time killer is waiting for the glue to dry. I typically build with biscuit joints and glue and don't use too many nails. One thing I did realize after these projects -- I need to get more clamps!

Here are a few more angles of my crypt mailbox.


  1. that is SO cool...great work! I want one....

  2. That is really cool. Funny, I had mentioned making small ones of these with husband and talking about making a small body form....and he said - why not use skeletons! - wow....now I see this. That is just weird. :)

    I love how ideas go around and come back differently. This is the stuff that makes me excited to be a haunter.

    Thanks so much for sharing your progress. This is just amazing!


  3. Wonderful! Great work and great pictures.


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