Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lego Haunted House

Although most (all?) of us gave up playing with Legos when we were kids, artist Mike Doyle believes you can still create masterpieces with them, such as his "Three Story Victorian with Tree" creation.

Using around 50,000 assorted Lego pieces and putting in around four months of work (that's dedication!), Mike created the house that he's photographed and offers prints of. It's a limited edition run of just 500 prints, and they sell for $50 each, plus shipping and handling. He's also created another structured called "Two Story with Basement" that looks as though it's snow-covered. Again, all out of Legos. The houses are part of a collection he's creating of abandoned buildings.

You can see some various stages of construction at his blog Snap. I want one.


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