Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Get It On

I haven't been doing much of anything Halloween related lately. While I had started building a new prop right after I put my 2010 display away, the approach of Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then all the freakin' snow chilled my drive, and my new groundbreaker has been sitting on my workbench waiting for me to return.

But I'm getting in the mood again (cue some Marvin Gaye music). While not haunt related, this weekend I built a toy box for a cousin's upcoming baby shower next month and I've got two more I still have to do. They all have spring hinges to prevent the lids from slamming down on little fingers, and all the edges have been rounded over to minimize the chance for cuts, scrapes, and bruises. "O" is for Olivia while the reverse side has a butterfly. The other two will have the letter "B" for her last name and a "1," respectively, to represent this is her first child.

And at the end of the month the NJ/PA Make & Take group will be meeting where a secret Santa gift exchange will take place. I have a special item in mind I want to build and will tackle that beginning tomorrow (can't tell you what it is just yet).

The toy box got me out of my lethargy, though, and I'm hoping the project I'll be working on next for the M&T will get me going again for Halloween. Now where did I put my glue gun?


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