Monday, January 10, 2011

Now, Free Stuff!

I've been slacking in the Halloween arts department since our holiday ended. But I'm slowly coming out of my funk and have been moved to make my first giveaway contest (cue golf claps)!

I was inspired by reading a post on ShellHawk's Nest about her giveaway contest, so I decided to do one too. As I just posted (that's another first -- since I started blogging I've never posted twice in the same day, though I've missed plenty of days in between), my favorite monthly podcast Hauntcast is in danger of going dark never to be resurrected from the grave again, if enough haunters don't subscribe for the piddling sum of $1 a show (that's $12 a year for those of you without an abacus at home).

ShellHawk is making the generous offer of giving away two subscriptions to the podcast (along with a chance to win some of her handcrafted creations). Now she's a part of the show, so maybe it's a little self-serving on her behalf to do so, but I figured why not have an unaffiliated fan with nothing more at stake than his own aural enjoyment make a similar offer (sans the fancy handmade crafts)?

Thus, I'm also willing to give away two annual subscriptions to Hauncast. Just by commenting on this post, you could be one of two people to win a paid subscription to the 'Net's best podcast.

I read Shell's rules, but I don't have all that fancy Facebook stuff (well I do, but I don't link this blog there) and I couldn't figure out how to tell if someone new started following my blog (but go ahead and do so if you want), so I won't put too many conditions on this contest. Of course, if you want to tell others about it by posting it on the various forums and sites you frequent, feel free to do that too.

ShellHawk's contest is ending this Wednesday (January 12), and mine will run for a week after that, till the 19th. Anyone who posts here will be eligible to win. So here's the rules:

  • Comment on this post on or before January 19
  • Win (maybe)

You should also be sure that your comment has some means for me to identify who you are. Anonymous posts are cool and all, but they're a bear to figure out to whom they belong.

For what it's worth, or for those who are wondering, I don't get anything out of this, other than the chance to help ensure Hauntcast stays on the air. I enjoy it that much that I'm willing to sponsor two subscriptions to the show for a year. Call me selfish, but I'm doing it to ensure my own listening pleasure.

Without creating any obligations on anyone else, perhaps other haunters who also enjoy the show and have already paid their subscription fees might be willing to sponsor another haunter through a giveaway of their own. Obviously not everyone will do so, but there is the potential to double (at least) the paid listening audience.

So if you missed out on a chance to win ShellHawk's contest, then consider this your second-chance drawing.


  1. Memememe! Enter m---

    Oh. I'm on the show. Never mind. ;o)

    Thanks for the support, sweetie! You rock!

  2. i am here, i want in... or is it out of this box...

    take care!

    My Site:

  3. I pimped you out and again Thanks for the support.

    I saw Lizard King also posted to win.

  4. I read your contest post, but didn't want to usurp someone that desperately needed it. If it's any consolation, I could use a subscription because my spouse Kyle is most likely going to be laid off at the end of the month. I just didn't want to screw over some 16 year old for a much coveted subscription. I thought you would have had tons of responses by now.


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