Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flaky Weather

Mother Nature has a pretty warped sense of humor when it comes to her, me, and haunting. Last year she ripped apart my haunt with a brutal snowstorm days before Halloween and she returned this morning with more snow that served to cancel the meeting scheduled for today with Secaucus township officials for our pro haunt.

Not that we had anything more than a dusting, mind you, but the weatherman had drummed up so much fervor that we could possibly receive as much as 8" or more of snow leading up to today that the school officials said they weren't opening the school and would reschedule the meeting.

We were already to go with our presentation too. The picture to the left shows our bound proposal; Dave had the haunt plans and a cool teaser trailer ready for show-and-tell time; Johnny devised some really cool graphics that we'll use for both marketing and memorabilia sales; and Jay was ready with his experience running Grimlock Manor as a pro haunt, all in an effort to convince them to give us the green light.

Until Mother Nature cruelly set everything back. Damn you, be-yatch!

But what's up with our weak-willed constitutions these days. My local school district just called (at 5:50 a.m.!) to say that all Saturday programs were cancelled too because of the weather. Literally, there's just a dusting of snow outside! The roads and sidewalks are clear, it's just the grass that has a covering of white. My father used to regale me with stories of walking to and from school in waist-high snow. Uphill. In both directions! Now a few flakes and everyone panics. Guess I better head to the grocery store and stock up on provisions because there's likely to be a run on milk, water, and bread.

Anyway, the extra time will give us more time to prepare our presentation and make it even better. It's just annoying to have to wait.


Okay, we got a little more than a dusting, but the 3 or so inches we ended up with still didn't warrant canceling the meeting.


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