Saturday, January 7, 2012

Virtual Whiteboard

To help focus my haunt building activities this year, I'm going to make a project list to keep track of how I'm progressing. I've seen Troy from Halloween Hellmouth use a whiteboard and more recently Steve from Steve's Haunted Yard (YardHaunter5) has employed one (on a side note, Steve has launched a new YouTube channel devoted exclusively to how-to's and haunt projects. This will be in addition to his regular vlog. Check it out! StevesHauntedYard).

But my office walls are cluttered enough that I don't have room for a whiteboard, so I'm going to use this blog as my "whiteboard." I had already started a page to list prop tutorials (called Devil's Advocate), but since this has been underutilized for that purpose, I'll combine the page to feature tutorials on projects I want to build this year.

I've started posting a few ideas I have for the year, such as rebuilding my cemetery pillars that got crushed by the snowstorm that hit just before Halloween, along with gates to fill them in and a new fence. Now I'll start scouring the Internet for ideas to steal, er, use as inspiration, and plug them in. That way, having a list to follow and a source of instruction to help me with the build, I actually might accomplish more this year than I did last year.


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