Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zombies, aaaah!

No, not the (cheesy) movie, but rather a "documentary" on the living dead. Tonight on History Channel's H2 channel -- what used to be called History International (but I guess that didn't attract enough viewers, though I wonder how many realize when going through the program guide what "H2" is) -- they'll be running "Zombies: A Living History."

Going back to Medieval Europe's dance with death known as the Black Plague, the shows how the period exploded with zombie myths. It also explores Viking beliefs of decapitation as being the only means of truly killing a zombie, thus predating George Romero's head shot. It will also travel to China and Haiti examining their zombie traditions. World War Z's Max Brooks is featured as well as authors Jonathan Mayberry, Scott Scholzmann, and J.L. Bourne.

Seems like a fun historical look at what may at times appear to be just a modern phenomenon. I believe it first ran last October, though I missed it then. I'll make sure to tune in tonight.


  1. I think I saw that or something close to it. They have a man that they think was zombiefied, and now he walks among the living. It is pretty cool.

  2. And I missed it anyway! Got caught up in yet another remodeling project and worked late into the night on it. I can probably find it on Hulu or YouTube...I hope.



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