Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meeting a Go-Go

Well, not a stripper, or even Belinda Carlisle, for that matter, but our meeting with Secaucus Township officials has been confirmed for January 21, so we've got to get our presentation in order. We actually have much of this done already, but the four of us will be setting up a Skype conference call on Wednesday to discuss our roles and what we'll be presenting, then on Saturday we'll be meeting up once more at my house to make sure we're all on board.

Jay (FrightGuy, Grimlock Manor), as the lead contact for the effort, will be providing the officials with an overview of what we want to achieve while expanding on his prior pro haunt experience. I'll follow that up with the overview of our proposal and how we'll achieve what we've laid out. The actual written proposal will be printed and bound for distribution at the end of our presentation.

Dave (Dr. Death, Pandemic Cemetery), will follow this with a detailed explanation of the actual dark attraction we'll build. As our point man and resident expert on fire codes, we'll be relying on Dave to handle many of the questions the mayor and fire inspector are sure to be asking us. Hopefully we'll have anticipated many of the questions before they're even asked and will address them in the presentation.

Both Jay and Johnny will discuss the marketing aspects of the haunt and how we'll promote it to bring in the greatest number of patrons. Johnny will then provide a show-and-tell on the cool graphics we've (he) designed for the haunt.

Last, and the part we hope will seal the deal for us, is the quick little teaser trailer we've made for the haunt.  The 1:30 video uses scenes and props that we've built and put in our respective haunts, along with a rousing music score, to give a sense of what they can expect from us and the haunted attraction we'll build for them. It's actually pretty cool!

Taken together we hope they'll be blown away by it all and will roll out the red carpet for us. Of course, reality is always different than dreams so stay tuned for more details.


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